Techno Serv is an IT services company established in 1997 with the aim of providing high quality and timely services to the market in Bahrain and the broader Gulf. We strive to be a service oriented company and excel at it, rather than being a product oriented firm.

Over the years Techno Serv has earned an enviable reputation by becoming a truly, dependable IT services provider to organizations across all domains.  Our range of clients is a testimony to our credibility.

Our Services

IT Services

We provide IT professionals who can work inside your premises or deliver service remotely, helping you save a considerable amount of time and money on the hiring processes.

The resources imparted are trained and experienced in various technologies and platforms as well as on the organizational hygiene and the most common COBC principles. Should you require freshers, these can be provided too.  In other words, our services are based on customer requirements.

Use Techno Serv’s remote set of IT services for 24/7 support and keep your cost low if that is a concern.

We develop customized business applications using various technologies and tools.  We have a core team in Bahrain and additionally, highly experience partners for more skills and services.  Whether it is web applications, mobile apps, Techno Serv can do it.

We hope you don’t lose data but the truth is that accidents can happen to anyone at any time.  Techno-Serv has been providing data recovery services since 2010 from various media – hard disks of virtually any type, cameras, mobile phones and servers.

Organize your contacts in a proper database and then use it for target marketing.  Reach out only to the right people at the right time with the right message.

Consulting Services

Expert consultation on the Bahrain Privacy Law and GDPR. We also provide Assessment & Control Implementation services for GDPR

Our consultants help you through all stages of data governance as well as help you classify all your data into relevant buckets so that the applicable policies and guidelines be applied to each bucket.

Our consultants analyze the existing setup and situation and help you optimize your IT operations. They help you answer the most relevant questions based on the 5W + 2H methodology.

Our team of expert analysts help you with the IT needs forecasting, forecast revision and procurement planning.

The team of trainers help you with the TNI (Training need Identification) and any required upskilling or cross skilling needs as well as new hire trainings.

Our consultants are experienced professionals with Lead Auditor and Lead Implementer certifications. They can help you harness the most benefits from getting from following ISO 27001 principals.

Our experienced technologists and developers review the code for your software and look for any unplugged loopholes, threats and vulnerabilities and perform penetration testing to check if their are any potential or penetrable flaws.

GDPR makes it compulsory to have a DPO (Data Protection Officer) if the regulation applies to you and hiring a full-time DPO can be really expensive.

Our managed DPO services make it affordable while giving you all the advantages of a full-time DPO.

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