Consulting Services

ISO 27001 : 2019 (Privacy Management System)

What is the Service about?

Our consultants are experienced professionals with Lead Auditor and Lead Implementer certifications. They can help you harness the most benefits from following ISO 27001:2019 principals.  

What are the key advantages?

  • Helps in retaining customers and winning new business
  • Helps in preventing fines and loss of reputation
  • Helps in Improving processes and strategies
  • Helps in Compliance with commercial, contractual, and legal responsibilities

GDPR - Assessment & Control Implementation

What is the Service about?

Our Consultants are experts in the General data protection regulation. With extensive consulting experience and understanding of GDPR, we provide the following services:

  • Maturity Assessment – Checks the current status of the policies and practices
  • Control Implementation – Suggests and helps with implementing the controls you need to show compliance with the regulation
  • GDPR Audit – Checks the implementation level of GDPR against the regulation
  • Certification – Helps you prepare for the certification and guides you through the process

The services are based on and follow the PDCA lifecycle to assist you through all phases and ensure that your organization is compliant

Cybersecurity - Readiness & Management

What is the Service about?

Our Consultants help you to pinpoint hidden vulnerabilities, analyze and draft the right action plan, choose the best technologies for your environment, so as to safeguard data assets, and comply with new laws. They help you stay up to date with the latest measures you need to have and be ready for any unexpected incidents.

What are the key advantages?

  • Helps you to stay prepared for any incidents you may face
  • Have experienced cybersecurity analysts and consultants available to you whenever the need be

Data Governance & Data Classification

What is the Service about?

Our consultants help you through all stages of data governance as well as help you classify all your data into relevant buckets so that the applicable policies and guidelines be applied to each bucket.  

What are the key advantages?

  • Tried and tested practices to safeguard your data
  • Avoid loss of brand reputation and hefty fines
  • Make it easy for you to manage these difficult and time-consuming activities
  • Save cost compared to hiring a CISO and a data governance team

Bahrain Privacy Law - Compliance

What is the Service about?

We have consultants who are experts in Bahrain Privacy law, also known as PDPL. They can help you become compliant with the law in the most efficient way.

The consultants are also experts in other Privacy laws that apply to you because you have businesses in other geographies or you process data for customers residing in other geographies. So, they can help you with designing and implementing the most optimized privacy program and avoid any unnecessary overheads.

VAPT & Code Review

What is the Service about?

Our experienced technologists and developers review the code for your software whether they are under development or have already been deployed and look for any unplugged loopholes.

On the VAPT side, they look for threats and vulnerabilities and perform penetration testing to check if there are any potential or penetrable flaws.

IT Consulting & Resource Management

What is the Service about?

Our consultants analyze the existing setup and situation and help you optimize your IT operations. They help you answer the most relevant questions based on the 5W + 2H methodology.

Questions like:

  • What needs to be done?
  • Who needs to do it?
  • When is the best time to do it?
  • Where does it need to be done?
  • Why should you do it?
  • How do you need to do it?
  • How much or how many resources are required?

Managed DPO Services

What is the Service about?

GDPR makes it compulsory to have a DPO (Data Protection Officer) if the regulation applies to you and hiring a full-time DPO can be really expensive.

Our managed DPO services make it affordable while giving you all the advantages of a full-time DPO.

IT Capacity Planning and Skill Development

What is the Service about?

Our team of expert analysts forecasts the IT requirements be it hardware, software licenses, or skilled staff for carrying out the jobs in the most efficient way for the upcoming or ongoing projects you have.

They also revise it from time to time and update the requirements based on the most current inputs you receive. Not only this, they recommend the best way to fill up any shortages or mitigate any overages in the most coordinated way.

Our trainers also take up the task of TNI (Training need Identification) and make sure that your staff is ready for meeting the needs by carrying out any required upskilling or cross-skilling needs before the deadline.

They can also conduct the required training for newly hired staff lest the need be.

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